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    Graduation Dates-REVISED

    Tohatchi High's Date changed as of 10/24/17

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  • TESOL Course Opportunity

    SP2018 TESOL Course Offerings


    January 18, 2018 – May 5, 2018



    EDUC 266-001           Assessment of English Language Learners    3cr


    This course will address current issues in assessment of English language learners. Participants will learn a number of effective assessment practices and strategies for embedding assessment into instructional activities. In addition, participants will develop skills to create alternative assessments appropriate for a diverse classroom.

    Class days: Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, Mar 1, Mar 8, Mar 15, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12, Apr 19, Apr 26, May 5



    Meeting Information

    Faculty Name


    Email address

    Instructional Method

    Thursdays 4:30-7:30 p.m.

    Stacey Lovell



    GMCS Admin Center

    Elaine Benally



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  • GMCS Board Memeber Strategic Session

    December 9th

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  • Listen and watch for GMCS "Education Matters"

    *Live-Streams-click on "GMCS Education Matters" Live-streams,  found here on our homepage 

    *Radio Announcements/ Public Service Announcements on Millenium Media, I Heart Media & KGAK radio stations

    Remember at GMCS.....Education Matters!


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  • Teachers-TESOL Info

    Licensed Teachers,GMCS is providing a great opportunity for licensed teachers to receive their TESOL endorsement. Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of TESOL endorsed teachers in the district so that we can improve instruction for our students. Therefore, GMCS has engaged in an incentive program that reimburses tuition costs for teachers upon completion of TESOL coursework. San Juan College has offered GMCS a fair cost for tuition for course completion required by NMPED. This includes coursework of 6hrs in both Methods and Assessment.  

    I am encouraging teachers who are in a position to obtain TESOL endorsement to enroll and register for courses. Tuition is $220/3credits in state and out of state is $575/3 credits. Again, this cost is reimbursed by GMCS upon completion of the course. In addition, we will provide you the TESOL addenda of $1600 while enrolled in this program. 

    Current Fall 2017 enrollment is only at 9 students for both courses offered and we do not want to cancel these courses this fall semester due to low enrollment numbers. We hope you consider this opportunity. The course enrollment is now open through the end of this week. For further information please contact Sandra Freeland at:

    Gallup-McKinley County Schools

    For the 2017/18 AND 2018/19

    GMCS is Providing School Supplies for all our students

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  • Dual Language

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Student Support Center

Winter Sports Schedules

All athletes 7-12 have to complete an online concussion course.  Please click on the link below

 17-18 Athletic Handbook 

 GMCS Fund Raising Handbook

 Ban of Energy Drinks  




Sports Physicals/Flu shots


Medical Services Gallup Teen Health Center located outside between Chief Manuelito Mid School and Gallup High School.  The center is available to all McKinley County Schools children from any elementary, mid school and high schools. We offer both medical and behavioral health services. We accept all insurance, Medicaid, and offer confidential services that would not require a student to pay any fees for services.  Phone: 505-721-2681 Fax: 505-721-2682



Physical Forms at website below



District Champs


Navajo times All-Star

Congratulations to these athletes who made the Navajo Times All-Star and will receive an award for their great accomplishments on the course, field or court 

On Monday, Dec. 11 we will honor all of the All-Stars at an awards ceremony at the Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center in Shiprock. This event is free and open to the public.

The doors will open at 9 a.m. with the first photo session beginning at 10 a.m. All athletes named to the all-star list are encouraged to bring their uniform tops. 

Following the photo session we will go directly with the awards ceremony and at that time we will name our Athletes and Coaches of the Year.

Information: 928-871-1130.


Boys cross-country


Tyree Monte, Alamo Navajo

Anthony Perry, Alamo Navajo

Iry Larzelere, Alchesay

Raymond Wright, Alchesay

Cameron MacDonald, American Leadership Academy

Andrew Day, Aztec

Matthew Smith, Aztec

Josiah Tsosie, Chinle

Isaiah Honyumptewa, Chinle

Wyatt Ute, Chinle

Anthony Platero, Crownpoint

Fernando Herrera, Cuba

Deangelo Herrera, Cuba

Antawn Antonio, Cuba

Demetri Begay, Gallup

Wyatt Whiterock, Greyhills

Jihad Nodman, Hopi

Dewayne Laban, Hopi

Steven Baker, Hopi

Justin Madalena, Jemez Valley

Raynaldo Gachupin, Jemez Valley

Kashon Harrison, Kirtland Central

Koby Blackwater, Kirtland Central

Tristen George, Kirtland Central

Jacob Hawkins, Kirtland Central

Colton Salvador, Laguna-Acoma

Kevin Martin, Laguna-Acoma

Deion Lukee, Laguna-Acoma

Jarren Teller, Many Farms

Trevor Wilson, Many Farms

Ty McCray, Miyamura

Rylie Watson, Miyamura

Colwyn Nelson, Monument Valley

Michael John, Monument Valley, Utah

Michael Marshall, Navajo Pine

Galvin Curley, Navajo Pine

Marallus Chee, Navajo Pine

Dominique Clichee, Navajo Pine

Micah Tsosie, Navajo Pine

Cameron Becenti, Navajo Prep

Tyrease James, Navajo Prep

Trejan Clichee, Navajo Prep

Tyrese Begay, Navajo Prep

Shannon Bitsilly, Newcomb

Bowen Martin, Page

Dorian Daw, Page

Morgan Fowler, Page

Trent Holiday, Page

Jeremiah Jake, Pine Hill

Autry Laughter, Pinon

Alex Yellowhair, Red Mesa

Devin Toddy, Rehoboth

Anthony Hopkins Jr., San Carlos

Thomas Lucero, Santa Fe Indian

Arron Lee, Shiprock

Jesse McCray, Shiprock Northwest

Trey Tracy, St. Michael

Dallen Plummer, Thoreau

Cheston Platero, To’Hajiilee

Sean Begay, Tohatchi

Tyvin Thomas, Tsé Yi Gai

Tristan Antonio, Tuba City

Johnson Ferrell, Tuba City

Demetrius Daw, Tuba City

Justin James, Valley

Xavier Martin, Whitehorse

Caleb Smiley, Window Rock

Kyren McCray, Wingate

Landon Hendricks, Winslow

Deshawn Goodwin, Zuni

Jacy Edaakie, Zuni

Shawn Shebola, Zuni


Girls cross-country


Naomi Rustin, Alchesay

Maria Riley, Alchesay

Kennette Eriacho, Alamo Navajo

Samantha Quigley, American Leadership Academy

Alisia Honyumptewa, Chinle

Raquelle Curley, Chinle

Darian Davis, Chinle

Woodlyn Smith, Coconino

Aidyn Hesuse, Cottonwood Classic

Kaleigh Shorty, Crownpoint

Trinity Yazzie, Del Norte

Mia Sando, Dulce

D’Yanni Medina, Dulce

Jasmine Turtle-Morales, Eldorado

Esther Beck, Eldorado 

Riley McClanahan, Eldorado

Kiiyani Anitielu, Farmington

Angel Curley, Flagstaff

Jessica Ramirez, Gallup

Janaya McIntosh, Ganado

Jayla McIntosh, Ganado

Kayla Beck, Ganado

Camille Uentillie, Ganado

Shada Golden, Ganado

Skylar Charlie, Grants

Jewelana Anderson, Heritage Academy

Jaeda Honani, Hopi

Latifah Huma, Hopi

Kaleen Joseph, Hopi

Mia Sando, Jemez Valley

Michaela Hawkins, Kirtland Central

Tiajhae Nez, Kirtland Central

Autumn Harrison, Kirtland Central

Aubree Francis, Laguna-Acoma

Liyah Begay, Many Farms

Haylin Wheeler, Many Farms

Ashley Thomas, Miyamura

Kaleia Vicenti, Miyamura 

Lauryn Thomas, Miyamura

Chiarra Yazzie, Monument Valley

McKayla Holiday, Monument Valley, Utah

Mika John, Monument Valley, Utah

Mikayla Chief, Navajo Mountain

Destiny Allen, Navajo Pine

Jordan Louis, Navajo Pine

Alicia Dixon, Navajo Prep

Brandy Ray, Navajo Prep

Aaleigha Ashley, Newcomb

Victoria Tenpenny, Page

Sofia Bryan, Page

Irielita Jake, Pine Hill

Precious Robinson, Pinon

Kiana Chavez, Ramah

Madeline Gabaldon, Ramah

Anna Huizinga, Rehoboth

Elise Demol, Rehoboth

Sierra Delaware, Rio Rancho

Elena Hardy, Shiprock

Khadija Lapahie, Shiprock

Jasmine Rockwell, Shiprock

Alyssa Lee, Shiprock Northwest

Ali Upshaw, St. Michael

Chiara Holgate, St. Michael

Cheyenne Anderson, Thoreau

Winona Long, Tohatchi

Rhyannon Platero, To’Hajiilee

Larissa Yazzie, Tuba City

Ranetta Jackson, Tuba City

Nizhoni James, Valley

Valiyah Yazzie, Valley

Jaynee Chee, Whitehorse

Taylor Murphy, Window Rock

Cameron Long, Window Rock

Latisha Lopez, Wingate

Shante Natewa, Zuni

Chelsea Hughte, Zuni

Sheylese Tsabetsaye, Zuni



Isaiah Guerro, Alamo Navajo

Damascio Baca, Alamo Navajo

Tyreck Cosay, Alchesay

Rashawn Alchesay, Alchesay

Joseph Riley, Alchesay

Kellen Parrish, Alchesay

Jordan Brooks, Alchesay

Juan Curley, Chinle

Cooper Burbank, Chinle

Darren Woody, Chinle

Skylar Hardy, Chinle

Isaac Pool, Crownpoint

Kyle Antonio, Crownpoint

Jerrickson Largo, Crownpoint

Dallason Davis, Crownpoint

Adam Perry, Crownpoint

Jacob Brown, Farmington

Rayshawn James, Ganado

Herman Kee, Ganado

Justin Curley, Ganado

Chancey Chicharello, Ganado

Florencio Cedillio, Ganado

Callen Nanacasia, Hopi

Ablayzion Honwytewa, Hopi

Bryson Dowdy, Kirtland Central

Brock Beckstead, Kirtland Central

Lionel Nez, Many Farms

Gymon Todacheenie, Many Farms

Traven Tso, Many Farms

Matt Chavez, Miyamura

Brandon Vidal, Miyamura

AJ Silva, Miyamura

Ethan Dempsey, Miyamura

Stan John, Monument Valley

Stanford Staley, Monument Valley

Tyrrell Holiday, Monument Valley

Billy Mitchell III, Monument Valley

Trevor Russell, Monument Valley

Joseph Hawley, Monument Valley

J’kel Anderson, Navajo Prep

Deondre Begay, Newcomb

Deontay Begay, Newcomb

Brydale Davis, Newcomb

Nicholas Tsipai, Newcomb

Shayone Edsitty, Newcomb

Cody Harrison, Newcomb 

Kele Meredith, Page

Jacob Doyle, Page

Jacob McCabe, Page

Kyle Ybanez, Page

Christian White, Page

Christian Penrod, Page

Hayden Gracia, Page

Roland Begay, Red Mesa

Cauy King, Red Mesa

Larron Begay, Rock Point

Eronimo Hummingbird, Rock Point

Dylan Descheny, Rock Point

Tyris Newton, Shiprock

Quaid Shorty, Shiprock

Aarwin Chee, Shiprock

Kieon Harvey, Shiprock

Cota Nahkai, Shiprock

Guy Lee, Shiprock

Bradley Largo, Thoreau

Marcus Hood, Thoreau

Brandon Lucero, Tohatchi

Rayshawn Whitney, Tohatchi

Elijah Tsosie, Tohatchi

Samuel Belone, Tohatchi

Andrew Bedonie, Tuba City

Zachary Bauer, Tuba City

Marquez Barlow, Tuba City

Jayden Chee, Tuba City

Marshall Touchine, Wingate

Tyreke Harvey, Wingate

Anfernee Delgarito, Wingate

Adrian Destea, Window Rock

Tyler Kaunho, Window Rock

Maximus Sheka, Window Rock

Ricardo Villanueva Jr., Winslow

Yoann Djassa, Winslow

Leeander Keams, Winslow

Micheal Densmore, Winslow

Noah Upchurch, Winslow

Braden Williams, Winslow

Landers Shelendewa, Zuni

Nickolas Amesoli, Zuni



Keevonne Apachito, Alamo Navajo

Alayah Chaves, Alamo Navajo

Taley Ferrari, Aztec

Savannah McCarthy, Aztec

Mattie Waresback, Bloomfield

Temitra Totsoni, Chinle

Caitlyn Duncan, Dulce

Jasmine Salazar, Dulce

Monica Briones, Farmington

Kalei Waite, Farmington

Summer Doering, Farmington

JJ Curry, Farmington

Bergen Campbell, Farmington

Lucy Martinez, Gallup

Kendall Toadlena, Gallup

Autumn Begay, Ganado

Amber James, Ganado

Tiara Cook, Ganado

Mykayla Zahne, Greyhills

Talia Ockerman, Kirtland Central

Jasmine “Shania” John, Kirtland Central

Jerica Holiday, Kirtland Central

Gabrianna White-David, Kirtland Central

Maracea Chase, Miyamura

Mikayla Livingston, Miyamura

Jordan Louis, Navajo Pine

Ahedabah June, Navajo Pine

Martinique Larvingo, Navajo Prep

Taina Sandoval, Navajo Prep

Danielle Bourque, Many Farms

Ki-Anna McCabe, Monument Valley

Lakeshia Begay, Monument Valley

Kylee Deal, Monument Valley

Sheridan Gray, Monument Valley

Kacee Moore, Piedra Vista

Sam Harris, Piedra Vista

Haley Golden, Piedra Vista

Courtney Moore, Piedra Vista

Jiovanni Pino, Pine Hill

Cheyanne Harrison, Pine Hill

Emerald Ben, Pinon

Kourtney Lewis, Ramah

Ronaye Francis, Ramah

Deborah McMahon, Ramah

Cara Begay, Red Mesa

Latoya Descheenie, Red Valley-Cove

Kennedi Chapman, Rehoboth

Halle Lizer, Rehoboth

Jayme Daniels, Rehoboth

Mikaela Secatero, Rehoboth

Chloe Beach, Rock Point

Ranisha Begay, Rock Point

Alissa Johnson, Rock Point

Taylor Johnson, Rock Point

Kylie McKinley, Shiprock

Chamika Begaye, Shiprock

AudreyRose Sanchez, Shiprock Northwest

Morgan Beard, Shonto Prep

Tynisha Clitso, Shonto Prep

Delila Nakaidinae, St. Michael

Jalynn Smith, St. Michael

Paige Laughlin, St. Michael

Rylena Nez, St. Michael

Sydney Terry, St. Michael

Alexis Toledo, Tsé Yi’ Gai

Tara Loretto, Thoreau

Kalian Mitchell, Tohatchi

Autumn Byjoe, Tuba City

Kourtney Posey, Tuba City

Kayleigh Paddock, Tuba City

Gracie Henderson, Tuba City

Kimberly Pablo, Window Rock

Kristen Sanderson, Window Rock

Denise Kee, Wingate

Emerilee Cowboy, Winslow

Alexis Leekela, Zuni


Girls soccer

Julian Mitchell, Aztec

Alycea Avilies, Aztec

Grace Olsen, Aztec

Vanessa Harris, Bloomfield

Andrea Gonzalez, Farmington

Aubriana Lopez, Farmington

Journey Gillson, Gallup

Evila Gonzales, Gallup

Jayden Guillory, Kirtland Central

Christine Young, Kirtland Central

Hayden Alldredge, Kirtland Central

Laura Murphy, Miyamura

Mallory Bayless, Miyamura

Emma Mohs, Navajo Prep

Naakii Brown, Navajo Prep

Kalieyah Boyd, Navajo Prep

Tionna Garner, Navajo Prep

Jami Sweeny, Rehoboth

Bethany Silva, Rehoboth

Shanna Tahy, Rehoboth

Autumn Lee, Rehoboth

Sierra Tahy, Rehoboth



Boys soccer

Ruben Teasyatwho, Aztec

Dylan Olson, Aztec

James Schryver, Farmington

Nate Benson, Farmington

Luke Stoltzfus, Farmington

Justin Martinez, Gallup

Jarom Martinez, Gallup

Tyler Watson, Gallup

Josiah Jenks, Kirtland Central

Alfonso Murillo, Miyamura

Steven Marquez, Miyamura

Brycen Mokhesi, Page

Ethan Oman, Page

Sage Nelson, Page

Caleb Ober, Page

Ivan Vestal, Rehoboth

Will Hamilton, Rehoboth

Austin Wilson, Rehoboth

Tyler Arviso, Rehoboth

Allen West, Rehoboth