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  • TESOL Course Opportunity

    SP2018 TESOL Course Offerings


    January 18, 2018 – May 5, 2018



    EDUC 266-001           Assessment of English Language Learners    3cr


    This course will address current issues in assessment of English language learners. Participants will learn a number of effective assessment practices and strategies for embedding assessment into instructional activities. In addition, participants will develop skills to create alternative assessments appropriate for a diverse classroom.

    Class days: Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, Mar 1, Mar 8, Mar 15, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12, Apr 19, Apr 26, May 5



    Meeting Information

    Faculty Name


    Email address

    Instructional Method

    Thursdays 4:30-7:30 p.m.

    Stacey Lovell



    GMCS Admin Center

    Elaine Benally



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  • Teachers-TESOL Info

    Licensed Teachers,GMCS is providing a great opportunity for licensed teachers to receive their TESOL endorsement. Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of TESOL endorsed teachers in the district so that we can improve instruction for our students. Therefore, GMCS has engaged in an incentive program that reimburses tuition costs for teachers upon completion of TESOL coursework. San Juan College has offered GMCS a fair cost for tuition for course completion required by NMPED. This includes coursework of 6hrs in both Methods and Assessment.  

    I am encouraging teachers who are in a position to obtain TESOL endorsement to enroll and register for courses. Tuition is $220/3credits in state and out of state is $575/3 credits. Again, this cost is reimbursed by GMCS upon completion of the course. In addition, we will provide you the TESOL addenda of $1600 while enrolled in this program. 

    Current Fall 2017 enrollment is only at 9 students for both courses offered and we do not want to cancel these courses this fall semester due to low enrollment numbers. We hope you consider this opportunity. The course enrollment is now open through the end of this week. For further information please contact Sandra Freeland at:

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  • Dual Language

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Student Support Center

Personnel Office

Welcome to GMCS - Substitutes Make a Difference

Substitute Teachers are a vital part of our teaching staff.   As a substitute teacher, you will not only impact the instructional program of our schools, you will also affect individual students, teachers and our district.   

New Substitute Orientation - August 2nd, 2017  9:30am thru 12:00pm  Place:  Student Support Center - Boardroom, 640 S. Boardman - Gallup, NM

Returning Substitute Orientation - August 3rd, 2017  9:30am thru 12:00pm    Place:  Gallup High School , 1055 Rico St - Gallup, NM

We are confident that as a substitute, you will do your personal best to meet and exceed the standards and expectations provided by the school to which you are assigned as well as the teacher for whom you are substituting.    Procedures may vary from school site to school site.   Bearing that in mind, do not hesitate to seek guidance from office staff, administration or a nearby teacher.

Substitute POC

  • Amelia Antone         Substitutes - VOE's  - Retirement           505-721-1064 
  • K'Dawn Montano    Personnel Coordinator                              505-721-1061
Personnel Home Page

Hours 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM


"Substitute teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in education. It is also one of the most important. It takes a remarkable person to be able to adapt effectively to all the situations that will be thrown at them as a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers are used in virtually every school across the country every day. It is vital for school administrators to compose a list of top notch people who can successfully substitute teach." -Derrick Meador

New Substitute Orientation - August 2nd, 2017  9:30am thru 12:00pm  Place:  Student Support Center - Boardroom, 640 S. Boardman - Gallup, NM

Returning Substitute Orientation - August 3rd, 2017  9:30am thru 12:00pm    Place:  Gallup High School , 1055 Rico St - Gallup, NM

Please note, applications and substitute packets will only be given out at the training.  
People wishing to serve as a substitute teacher in Gallup McKinley County Schools during the 2017-2018 school year should plan to attend a mandatory training/orientation session. Orientation sessions will be offered both for people who have already served as substitute teachers in the district (returning substitutes) and those who wish to try it out for the first time (new substitutes). 
Additional substitute training sessions will be held throughout the school year.  Date, time and location will be posted on the Personnel calendar as well as the Personnel Substitute page.
If it has not been posted, a date has not been chosen.

Licensure and Fingerprinting

NMPED Substitute Application - $35.00 cashier's check or money order made payable to NMPED

Criteria - Substitute Licensure

Fingerprinting/Background Check - $44.00 paid online or with a money order made payable to 3M Cogent

Please come to the Personnel Office and speak with Judy Jaramillo. She will assist you in registering for fingerprinting for licensure, the Federal FBI (3M Cogent) background investigation and the GMCS Superintendent's Recommendation form for initial licensure.

Pay Scale for Substitute Teachers

High School Diploma or GED $10.50 per hour $78.75 daily
Associate Degree $12.00 per hour $90.00 daily
BA/MA Degree $13.50 per hour $101.25 daily
NMPED Certified Teacher $16.50 per hour $123.75 daily
  Payroll Schedule Substitutes 7 26 2017.pdf 
Schools will guarantee a minimum of 3.75 hours of work when a substitute teacher is called for an assignment. Substitute teachers may not exceed 7.5 hours of work per day.  Substitute teachers are responsible for completing time sheet or time clock procedures in order to get paid for their work.
Paychecks will be submitted according to the arrangements you have made in the Business Office at GMCS.  In cases where substitute teachers are working over a certain number of hours, they may be eligible for benefits.  If they are, the District will contact them directly for further information on benefits.  Deductions for State and Federal Income Tax and Social Security will be made from each paycheck if applicable.  Substitutes will also have Medicare tax deducted from their wages.  No exemptions or exceptions are allowed.
Please note that substitute teachers work on an "as needed" basis and are only available to work from the date the substitute goes on the Substitute Teaching List for the current school year.

2017 thru 2018 School Calendar

Payroll Schedule for Substitutes

Download and Read the Substitute Handbook