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Welcome to Johnson O'Malley Program!
Johnson O'Malley provides supplemental services to meet the unique needs of Native American students enrolled in Gallup McKinley County Schools.  Our JOM plan is composed of seven components which are developed by the Indian Education Committee.  (See Resources for a copy of the District's JOM Plan).


During the 2014-15 school year, the district distributed surveys to identify priority needs for meeting the needs of Native American students in Gallup McKinley County Schools.  The IEC developed the survey and assisted in distributing and collecting the surveys at schools, community centers and Chapter Houses.   1,993 surveys were collected, which represents a "sample" of the total population or total number of surveys distributed.  1,447 of the surveys results show that supplies and materials rated at the first priority, 1,061 of the surveys rated classroom libraries as the second highest priority, and 977 of the surveys rated student cultural activities as the third highest priority.

Order of surveys collected:
1.  Supplies and Materials
2.  Incentives/Awards
3.  Motivational Speakers, Consutlants, guest speakers for youth
4.  Transportation for After-School
5.  Classroom Libraries
6.  Career/College Fair
7.  High School Cap, Gown & Tassel
8.  Credit Recovery
9.  Other

JOM/IEC compiles and implement components based on the needs assessment; therefore, please participate by submitting your needs assessment when it becomes available at your child(s) school.


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Sharon Charley
Administrative Assistant
Gallup-McKinley County Schools
Herlinda D Mann
Gallup-McKinley County Schools